P-techno Group Co., Ltd Was established in 2010 by a group of commercial and technical experts to give commercial and technical services and supports at the field of Electronic, Telecommunication and Mechanical Industry.

P-Techno Group Co., Ltd is a new style company in the industrial market. We hope to bring simple, efficient and valuable buying and selling services for our industrial customers.

P-Techno Group Co., Ltd can offer product selection, advice and service. We will make every effort to respond to all inquiries with best price & availability as quickly and accurately as possible. We work very hard and professionally taking care of our customers and that is why we have grown to be our customers preferred vendor.

P-techno Group Co., Ltd has a long unique understanding of the technology for the long-term providing professional services to domestic and foreign companies and manufacturer.

P-techno Group Co., Ltd always supplies the best quality, competitive price and convenient to use products. From establishing up to now, our company gained a good reputation and remarkable achievement from services to customers in several fields such as electronic components, telecommunication modules, oil and petrochemical industry modules, water and electricity industry modules, PLC, motor, sensor, PCB making, PCB assembly, stencil for screen printer, SMD machines, FTTX passive and active solution, servers, MCB & MCCB, surge arrester, plastic and diecast mold making , raw and consumable materials, spare parts, automotive parts, control units, automotive spare parts for heavy truck and passenger car, industrial machinery, telecom power supply, power supply and etc.

P-techno Group Co., Ltd is solution Provider Company, too. Our solutions are culmination of experiences helping our customers to become more efficient and cost effective. Lessons learned and best practices that we gained, has enabled us to develop appropriate solutions to address business challenges across manufacturing, service, private and public sector. Furthermore, we have developed customized solutions that address the need of small, medium and large size companies.