Tools and spare parts

P-Techno Group Co., Ltd understands the importance of your equipment and fleet availability and the need to reduce downtime. We know it is crucial to deliver timely, accurate and compliant tools and spare parts that support and enhance your operations.

P-Techno Group Co., Ltd is able to source original spare parts and tools (Electronic , hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and etc) and distributes them wherever you need them worldwide from our strategically-located logistics centres.
P-Techno Group Co., Ltd service experts, based in our competence and logistics centres and our field offices , is able to provide you with genuine, original spare parts that meet your operational needs. Our extensive knowledge and in-house systems mean that we can also offer customised spare parts and reliable alternatives for equipment.
The quickest and smartest way for you to get our reply is that you send a message to our office in the country where your company is located and also state your country when sending your inquiry.
P-Techno Group Co., Ltd offers a complete line of tools and spare parts for all types of industrial machines such as Agricultural equipment, Assembly line, Industrial robot, Oil refinery, Packaging and labeling, Paper mill, Sawmill, Smelter, Water wheel, tools or other parts and compatible replacements for most models. It will guide you in choosing the correct Spare Parts for your industrial machines.