Fan and blower

P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd focusing on high-quality FANS and BLOWERS sales, can provide customers at abroad with low price, fast delivery.

P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd provides all types of Fan and blower such as Micro fan, DC fan, Blower fan, Centrifugal fan and blower, High speed DC fan, AC fan, EC fan, Cross flow fan, IP68 waterproof fan.
P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd provides products and technical services, the application industry includes air purification, telecommunication industry, electrical equipment, automation machines, multimedia instruments, photovoltaic and new energy and other fields, products include EBMPAPST, SANJUN Sanju, SUNON Jianzhun, ADDA Xiexi, Delta electronics, AVC, NMB, AMETEK,CCHV, YCCFAN, Mfan, Dfan, Topfan china and other fan industry brands.
In order to meet the needs of customers for imported fans to be shorter and shorter, service requirements are getting higher and higher, since its inception, P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd. are committed to establishing professional imported fan channels.
Through good communication and cooperation with the original factory and its own strong inventory system, the establishment of integrated distribution, warehousing, information operation system, so that customers get the fastest and most convenient product and service support.
Nowadays, P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd has become a fast-growing channel provider in the fan industry, and it is also the fastest delivery speed in the industry, sufficient spot inventory, and the largest number of customers served to become a company with high customer satisfaction.
Zero risk of cooperation, all products are committed to 100% quality assurance and goods can be returned and exchanged with the quality inspection report and the approved electronic shipping list.