P-Techno Co., LTD success lies in its commitment to running events with professionalism and expertise, and in identifying strongly with their outcome. This sense of responsibility means we always strive to add value and are pro-active in solving problems and in adopting client procedures.

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client visibility and brand value. We also look to get the most out of advances in digitalization, and embrace client technology platforms.

We specially select teams for every project, to ensure each event gets the attention of the people who have the most relevant technical skills, languages and knowledge. P-Techno Co., LTD also draws on its extensive international network to access the best know-how, contacts and partnerships from around the world.

The volume of business we generate gives us – and by implication our clients – greater bargaining power with suppliers, and in several cases we have long-term contracts in place at advantageous rates

Research & Analysis

Flexibility for effective and efficient execution

Negotiation power

Transparency and ease of work

Creative and innovative solutions

Top technological tools