One of the main P-Techno Group Co., Ltd businesses is around the trading and sales of industrial measurement and control sensors, providing customers with standardized and customized industrial measurement and control sensors and industrial measurement and control sensing systems.

P-Techno Group Co., Ltd sales the product sensors series has passed CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification and has implemented the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. We provide customers with various product lines and specifications, including Distance sensor, Laser ranging sensor, 2D laser scanner sensor, Proximity sensor, Photoelectric sensor, Light curtain sensor, Process controlling sensor, Temperature Sensors, Rotary encoders, Liquid level sensor, NTC and PTC sensor, Automotive sensor, Motion sensor, Inferred sensor, Hall sensor, Current sensor, Distance sensor, Torque sensor, Load sensor, Lengths measurement sensor, Door sensor, Speed sensor, Pressure sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Transducer Piezoelectric Sensor, Gas detector sensor, Oxygen sensor, Navigation sensor, Alcohol sensor, Bio sensor, Image sensor, Chemical sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Radar sensor, Flow sensor, Miscellaneous sensor and …
The technical performance of each product is leading in the industry, and many of the series products have reached international advanced level. With flexible and diversified system configuration, stable and safe operation, timely and professional services, P-Techno Group Co., Ltd is committed to creating ideal industrial measurement and control products and solutions for customers.
P-Techno Group Co., Ltd has a professional marketing team and technical research and development service team, which can provide complete system integration solutions and professional technical support, and provide product and technical support according to various needs of customers, and continue to create value for customers.
To become the world’s leading independent distributor of sensors, P-Techno Group Co., Ltd offers a one-stop supply chain and support service. We help customers reduce their procurement cost, thus avoiding the risk of the procurement process, through our company’s strengths and quality procedures.