Electronic components

P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd is a global electronic components distributor. Since company was founded, we always uphold “best product, best reputation, best service, reasonable price” business philosophy, based on professional quality and consistent professionalism, we win trust and support from the majority of customers and suppliers, and rapidly rising in the fierce market competition.

P-Techno Group Co.,Ltd strives to be the industry leading electronic components distributor by quickly and reliably supplying high-quality electronic components to clients.

A variety of channels of electronic components supply is our superiority, industrial integrated circuit (IC) is our main business. For the best service and your most conveniently purchase, we also offer Bill of Materiel list (BOM list) quote and supply, including resistors, capacitors, diode, transistor, LEDs, connectors, ICs, Obsolete components, etc from all famous brand. To be your reliable and convenient purchasing partner is our goal. To be the world-class electronic component distribution partner is our purpose.
Our approach is built around providing our clients with three key advantages:
-Prompt Responsiveness
Our team responds quickly to your requests, and gets to work immediately to provide great prices on hard to find active components or obsolete components.
-Guaranteed Quality
Our quality-control processes guard against counterfeits while ensuring reliability and performance.
-Global Access
Our worldwide network of trusted resources allows us to find and deliver the specific parts you need.